We have been using dental implants since 1978 to replace missing teeth. Long term studies show excellent adaptability with the human body and great functionality. We can replace single teeth to multiple teeth to full mouth rehabilitations – all carried out by highly experienced clinicians. We offer a range of solutions to address your needs and we can work at your pace and within your budget.

three tooth implants

A common problem encountered in patients is an ill fitting lower denture. Did you know that a simple procedure can eliminate this nasty problem easily and quickly? We can place two implants in the lower jaw to stabilise the denture and it then clicks onto the implants to reduce the mobility of the denture. We can even add a few more implants later and replace the denture with a fixed bridge.

We offer sedation for nervous patients. Please email us, phone us for more information or book your appointment here: www.mulgravedental.com/contact-us