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Do You Have A Dental Emergency?

At Mulgrave Dental Centre, we offer dental emergency services. If you have a sudden swelling or tightness of the jaws related to a dental abscess then it is imperative that you seek urgent help and treat the underlying cause of the infection. We offer a walk-in service for dental emergencies but if you would prefer [...]

By |14th May, 2011|Blog|

Aesthetic Fillings – Metal Filling Removal

There are many fears regarding the use of mercury in dental fillings and although studies have shown no long term problems of using such restorative materials, many people would still prefer not to use them. We are mercury free at Mulgrave Dental and we offer the best white fillings for your peace of mind. We [...]

By |14th April, 2011|Blog|

The Basics of Oral Hygiene

If you want to know the Basics of Oral Hygiene read on... If you use something to clean between your teeth (floss, bottle brushes, WaterPik, Airfloss etc) and then brush half tooth and half gum then you will reduce your riskĀ of tooth decay significantly as you will remove a large amount of the plaque from [...]

By |14th March, 2011|Blog|