A: It is usually associated with pain as the tooth is badly decayed by this stage and any movement or temperature change can elicit a long and painful episode. We use very strong anaesthetics and different techniques to numb the affected tooth so that the procedure can be carried out comfortably.

A: You should book for a full consultation and we will evaluate your mouth and provide a detailed report which explains the current situation in the mouth and a few proposed treatment plans. Never say never!
A: Many people think about getting braces for a number of years before they seek any advice. No one has ever regretted taking that step to improving their smile and gaining the confidence from having their teeth looking their best. The only regret is they wish they had done it sooner!
A: Botox and fillers have been used for a long time safely by dentists, doctors and registered nurses. A good understanding of anatomy and physiology is required to deliver such treatments and they can be delivered very safely and effectively in our clinics.

A: Yes we offer many methods of relaxing treatments including massage, acupuncture and if required then sedation also can be provided. We offer a relaxed environment for you and offer all treatments in house. We can even arrange for you to be collected from your home, have your treatment done here and then taken back home safely again.

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