Dental Hygiene

Preventive Care

At Mulgrave Dental Centre , the role of our highly experienced hygienist Yuga and Neetu is in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. They will discuss your cleaning routines and provide advice and suggestions on how this can be improved. Lifestyle choices which could affect the teeth and gums may also be discussed, such as diet, smoking or alcohol consumption which are some of the main causes of oral health issues.

Professional Cleaning / Scale and Polish/ Air Polishing

Professional cleaning, also known as scale and polish, may also be performed on your teeth and gums. This involves the removal of plaque, stains (caused by diet or smoking) and tartar (hardened gingival bacteria which cannot be removed by brushing alone). This painless procedure is highly effective in preventing gum disease if performed during the early stages. This can also be done under local anaesthesia for patients with sensitive teeth or advanced gum disease.
Ideally, hygienist appointments should be attended once in 6 months which is sufficient for the majority of patients, although some patients who are at a higher risk of gum disease may require more regular appointments to prevent the problems caused by gum disease.

If you have not seen a hygienist for over 6 months, you can book an appointment online for periodontal therapy via our website. Alternatively, please contact our reception team either by phone, email or the website contact form. We recommend booking 6 weeks in advance since Rachael is very popular and in high demand!

Note: A £20 deposit is required for all hygienist appointment and if you fail to attend your appointment, this will not be refunded.
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