Teeth Reshaping and Contouring After Braces


While braces can improve your smile and get your teeth in shape, you can enhance the good work that the braces have done for your teeth with further treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth reshaping and wearing a retainer.

Teeth Whitening

Now that your teeth are nicely straight, you may want to enhance your mouth’s appearance even further with whiter, brighter teeth. Teeth whitening is available here at Mulgrave Dental Centre and involves a simple procedure of applying a peroxide-based gel to the teeth in order to remove stains on your teeth that can be caused by exposure to certain foods and drink such as tea and coffee.

Teeth Reshaping and Contouring

After your braces have been removed you might think about other ways of enhancing your smile. Minor imperfections such as overlapping, overly pointy or misshapen teeth can be fixed with a simple cosmetic procedures such as tooth reshaping or dental contouring, just ask your dental practitioner which option would be best for you today!

Wearing a Retainer

A retainer is a plastic and wire custom-made construction that is worn to keep teeth in place. You may need to think about wearing a retainer for the first six months after your braces have been removed in order to keep your newly straightened teeth stabilised.

There are many ways you can continue the good work your braces have made on your teeth once they have been removed with one of these additional procedures. Consult with us here at Mulgrave Dental Centre to find out which option might be best for you! The initial assessment at Mulgrave Dental Centre is free and we can provide you with a preview of the final result before you commit to any further treatment.

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