Is Invisalign Right for Me? The Ultimate Guide

Having issues with your teeth and are considering using Invisalign as the option for dental treatment, then you must go through this Invisalign suitability guide developed especially for you to make you understand the working, importance, cost, time and more to ensure the best decisions for you in terms of dental health.

Considering Invisalign? Here’s What You Need to Know:

Some various important factors and aspects are essential for you to know before going for Invisalign. It includes knowledge of the aligners that are made from strong plastic that reshapes your tooth location in the jaw.
They are removable and the effectiveness of this treatment depends on the following rules and instructions of your dentists in terms of the duration for which it is worn and technique to wear it and the severity of the conditions.
Based on dental impressions; a custom tooth set is been developed. It is required to wear these Invisalign aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours each day. The duration is an average of 8-12 months for normal conditions.
The treatment is followed by retainers to maintain the new teeth’ location and shape.

Your Smile Concerns 142

Various factors are there to consider whether Invisalign is the right choice to improve the smile.

Orthodontic issues: Invisalign is been considered as one of the best options for the majority of orthodontic treatment and issues such as crooked teeth, under and over bite, space between teeth, misaligned teeth and more and Invisalign can easily treat them.

The complexity of the case: For minimum to moderate cases that have been treated with Invisalign, some of the complex cases for too crowded teeth and misaligned bites need to be analysed for further changes on what can be done or a selection of other options.

Personal preferences: Based on your lifestyle and comfort, Invisalign is the best for you since it can be removed and thus suits best for occasions, parties and more while its plastic nature makes it nearly invisible in the majesty of situations.

Commitment to treatment: Invisalign suits you best you if have patience enough to have timely care and wear those Invisalign for 20-22 hours. Teeth need proper cleaning, flossing and brushing after eating. This is the minimum time to wear and need to adhere for best results.

Age and Commitment


In terms of age, there are different treatment plans for teenagers and adults. Invisalign Teen is developed specifically that have space to accommodate growing teeth and also have compliance indicators. For adults normal Invisalign treatment is used where he treatment is used to straight the crooked teeth or misaligned teeth. The use of plastic moulds is best for adults as they are invisible for the one-shaving jobs, etc.


The patient needs to have patience in various terms such as need to agree to wear these aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours each day. Based on the growth of teeth and its moment timely monitoring is necessary and changes in the mould may be needed, and for this regular visits need to be done to your dentist. Expert dentists in Sutton found that can meet your unique needs all at once with the least process, cost and time.

Lifestyle and Preferences

Removability: Wants to have a comfortable lifestyle then having a removable Invisalign suits you best as you need to know and shows others your treatment, and it is as per your preference.

Comfort: Invisalign are best alternative to traditional braces as its smooth and flexible plastic makes it easy to put on and has the least irritation. If you are aiming to have the least pain and comfortable treatment for the majority of your needs then Invisalign aligners are best.

Appearance: Since these Invisalign aligners are invisible the majority of the time, it is best to have this treatment as it does not have a major impact on your smile, oral hygiene and more.

Dietary restrictions: As the appliance is removable, it can be used to consume different diets, and thus diet can be maintained unlike other appliances then need to avoid various carbonated and acidic diets.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Cost of treatment: The Invisalign process cost varies based on various factors such as complexity, the final aim of the patient with their teeth, fees charged by the orthodontist, and the quality of custom aligners. As there are multiple stages, charges can vary by thousands of dollars.

Insurance coverage: There are many insurance companies that provide and cover the Invisalign process as part of orthodontic treatment, though there may be limitations, conditions, and specific requirements of any documents, which is better to ask and confirm before starting any such treatment.

FSAs and HSAs: If your employer provides you with flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts, then these funds can be used for orthodontic treatment of Invisalign aligners.

Financing options: Invisalign providers can set monthly EMIs for the Invisalign aligner services at no cost or can involve a third party to finance your treatment with low interest. Though focusing on interest rates, tenure needs to be confirmed.

Consult a Dental Professional

It is the best and essential option to have a clear knowledge of the treatment i.e. to consult an orthodontist.

Initial assessment: Consultation makes them review your mouth and know whether Invisalign is suitable for you or others considering other oral factors. They will offer you the best alterative which may be affordable enough and needs less time to recover.

Treatment goals: You can share your goals with a dental professional on what you want the dentist to do with your teeth such as improving crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, over and underbite and more.

Assess complexity: Based on various conditions and years of experience they handle and identify various complexities that could occur, and try to resolve the same.

Review treatment plan: The treatment plan is been developed and changes are made accordingly to achieve the final goal.


Invisalign is the best option for the majority of orthodontist treatment and needs. The guide allows you to review and consider various factors that make you make correct decisions, such as Invisalign needs 20-22 hours of usage each day for 8-12 months and strict adherence to instructions. Against this, their invisibility makes it preferable over other options while the plastic is soft to irritate and it can be removed to attend family functions and other occasions. You can orthodontist to clear your doubts and have accurate planning and customised treatment tenure.

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