Are Soft Drinks Safer For Your Teeth?

Did you know that all soft drinks damage your teeth including fizzy water and diet drinks? They cause a demineralisation effect which weakens tooth structure and can lead to tooth decay over prolonged exposure. They are best avoided and instead try still water, milk and other drinks that are not acidic or fizzy. Smoothies can also be damaging to teeth. The sugars found in fruits is stored in compartments which are opened when the fruit is blitzed in a blender and this increases the surface area of the available sugars.

Simple sugars such as glucose and fructose are very similar in structure and have the same damaging effects on teeth. Therefore honey and fruit sugars will damage teeth just as bad as a teaspoon of table sugar. Why not try drinking tea and coffee without sugar for a week and see if your taste buds adjust to the lack of sugar? If not then why not try sweeteners?

Chewing sugar free gum after each meal for 20 minutes can help to neutralise the acids in the mouth and provide some protection to your teeth.

We provide high fluoride treatment to help make your teeth stronger and more resistant to acid attacks. Contact us now and start to protect your teeth today!!


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