Teeth are an important part of your daily life and play an important role in both aesthetics and function. It is unfortunate when teeth cannot be restored to function and require removal.

dental implantsdental implant surgery

We use the latest dental implant technologies and techniques to recreate your smile to restore function and aesthetics. It is highly predictable and with one of the highest success rates in medicine and dentistry (over 98% over five years) you can be confident that you will get the next best thing to teeth.

It does not matter how long the teeth have been missing, your age, the size of the defect or the location in the mouth. We can restore single spaces, larger spans to full mouth rehabilitation. There are normally a few options for methods of tooth replacement and all options will be discussed, a full written report produced and all costs will be explained in advance. We offer an in house finance option which avoids using banks and no credit checks are required. If you require a repayment period that extends outside the length of the treatment then external financing options can be arranged.

The dental implant procedure is carried out under under local anesthetic and sedation can also be used. For simple cases, over the counter pain killers for a few days is sufficient to keep you comfortable, and if larger surgical procedures are required then appropriate pain killers and advice will be provided.

Dental implant specialists in ReigateDental implants Surrey

All out treatments come with a complete peace of mind. All costs are provided upfront and there are no surprises. Any treatment carried out at out clinic is guaranteed for one year and there is ongoing protection after this time for a small fee. The fee will cover a full replacement if the implant is lost for any reason (excluding for cancer treatment, or other medical condition for which an implant will be contraindicated) and implant assessment twice per year including any necessary radiographs.


1. Are they placed in a hospital under a general anaesthetic?
We can safely place implants at our dental surgery using speciality equipment and we pride ourselves on keeping abreast with the latest technology. We carry out the minor oral surgery under local anaesthetic and we also offer sedation if you prefer. Most of our patients are able to return to work following the procedure and just require over the counter pain killers for a few days. We provide all the required medication after the surgery and all after care is provided as necessary. We take time and make effort to plan your treatments well and this planning helps to execute the treatment with efficiency and precision. We will not leave you without a tooth if possible and if there is any risk of leaving you without a tooth then this will be discussed with you in advance.

2. Is the implant ready to use straight away?
The implant is carefully and gently placed into healthy bone and allowed to heal for about 8-12 weeks. This is necessary as the union between the implant and the bone is essential for the long term survival and success of the implant. It is allowed to heal below the gum and another tooth replacement option is used while the implant heals and fuses to the bone. Once it has fused fully to the bone the crown is securely screwed into the implant and is ready to be used straight away.

3. Is there a difference in the long term effects of using different materials?
The implant is almost always made from grade four titanium however; the other components can be made form a number of different materials. Their use is determined by the location in the mouth, how your other teeth fit together, and your specific requirements. A good understanding of all your options is essential and the final result should be predictable and deliverable.

4. Will there be any metal showing?
You may have a small metal margin at the gum level on the inside of the tooth. This actually makes the cleaning easier and thus will ensure a healthier implant. It is usually not visible and does not cause any concerns.

5. Will I have a gap at any time?
We will not leave you with a gap. We can even use your existing tooth on the day of the extraction until your temporary bridge is being made. You are not left with a gap at any point during the treatment if possible. We use a range of techniques to ensure we deliver a realistic tooth replacement option that will serve you in the short term and not damage the implant.

Five important facts about implants

1. There are over 2000 implant companies in the world and they are ever increasing. The core material is usually titanium and there are a number of variations such as zirconia and a mixture of titanium and zirconia. The main differences between the different implant companies is the amount of investment in their research and development, how long they have been used and if the clinician has a good working relationship with the company. There are about a dozen different surface treatments that are currently available on the market and there is varying degrees of research to support the use of each type. The surface technology helps the implant form a physical union with the surround alive bone.

2. There are 13 registered specialities in dentistry and dental implants is not one of them. The quality and quantity of implant training varies and dental implants are mainly provided by general dentists. Ensure that you ask about the training of the surgeon and their experience in providing dental implants.

3. Dental implants have one of the best success rates in medicine and dentistry. The implants are medical grade and studies have shown that over 90% survive for over ten years. These are older trials and the technology has advanced since these studies were done. They resemble teeth and function in a very similar way and there are no limitations on their use for function. They also do not decay but it is important to keep them clean as they are susceptible to gum disease.

4. There is less pain after an implant placement than there is after having a tooth removed usually. The tooth needs to be removed from the bone and sometimes we need to use a lot of force to break the bond between the tooth and the bone. However, when we place implants we make a gently socket which is the perfect size to accommodate a dental implant and then gently place the implant into this space.

5. It is not necessary to replace each tooth with a dental implant and each situation is individually assessed and a range of treatment options should be provided. There is no maximum or minimum number of implants but there is the right amount of implants for each treatment plan. There are situations where we can use two implants to replace an entire arch of teeth!!

You implant journey at Mulgrave dental cosmetic and implant centre

In order to assess your suitability for a dental implant we carry out a thorough assessment of your mouth and have a detailed discussion to determine your needs and possible solutions. We are happy to work to a time frame that suits your needs so long as it is biologically possible. We can even produce a model of what your end result will look like before we carry out any treatments so you can get a good visual and see if this is what you desire.

You get a full written quote of all your possible treatment plans and once you decide what treatment is right for you, we get started after you are happy to proceed. All the treatments are carried out using the latest technology thereby offering you the best success rates.

We arrange any special tests that may be required and guarantee all our work for a full year. There is ongoing protection for a small fee and this covers any problems you may encounter with the treatment in the future.

We operate a very relaxed environment here at Mulgrave dental and we take our work very seriously and take great pride in our patient care and satisfaction. We expect an honest relationship with our patients and we are open and transparent in every way.

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